New plans for outdated plaza in Camp Hill


One borough in Cumberland county is working to draw more people and businesses to the area.

A redesign to a dated plaza is already in the works on Market Street in Camp Hill.

Once the demolition is done, Smith Land and improvement will be building a new, modernized building with more than a dozen businesses and commercial offices.

Business owners and area residents alike said they are excited to see what the future holds for the area.

“I go to a lot of places like Manercare and Pennsylvania bakery but a lot of the shops that are kind of on the underneath the buildings that you wouldn't see if you were on Market Street, I had no idea they were here,” Natalie Blanton, an area resident, said.

Smith Land and Improvement Corporation is hoping to make sure everyone knows there are businesses on Market Street hungry for new customers.

“This is going to make this property more of a walkable and sustainable property which is great for the community and great for the tenants,” Rick Jordan III explained. Jordan is the, president and CEO of Smithland and Improvement Corporation.

“I think it's going to be a big boost to Camp Hill,” Lisa Decavalcante explained.

She’ll be one of the first to call "Neighbors and Smith" the new home for her women's fashion shop, Little Black Dress.

“I think Camp Hill needs more restaurants, more little shops," Decavalcante said.

She said she's seen how downtown revitalizations in other areas benefit retailers and homeowners.

“It brings in more businesses, increases the property value of your home because there is just more happening in Camp Hill,” Decavalcante said.

And maybe one of Decavalcante's favorite aspects to the new building is the fact that at least six of the 15 expected businesses to move in are female operations.

“I think it's amazing and I can't say it's a coincidence,” said Decavalcante. “I think so many women are taking the jump into the deep end and saying you know I can do this.”

The building construction will be done in phases so none of the retailers here have to close their doors for a long time.

The first phase should be complete in March.

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