Brother-in-law, neighbors shed light on Harrisburg terror suspect

Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty. (Photo: Dauphin County District Attorney's Office)

Neighbors and the Muslim community are weighing in as details continue to come in about 51-year-old Ahmed El-Mofty.

The Central PA Muslim community issued a statement condemning the attack.

Meanwhile, an ex-brother-in-law of El-Mofty says he hopes a thourough investigation helps answer questions that remain unanswered.

People who live near El-Mofty's estranged wife and two children say they're shocked.

El-Mofty's ex-brother-in-law says he didn't have a lot of contact with the family and hasn't lived with them in 6 years.

One neighbor says he had never seen El-Mofty or witnessed anything out of the ordinary at the home.

“I say hello to what seemed like a grandmother," Juan Londono says. "She’ll go by and pick up the little girl from the bus, friendly people.”

Londono says regardless of what El-Mofty may have done, his heart goes out to his children.

“You just feel bad for the kids," Londono says. "When they go back to school everyone is going to be gossiping and no one knows all the truth.”

The Central PA Muslim Community released a statement saying in part, “We are absolutely horrified and sickened by the targeting of those who serve to protect us each day...the teachings of Islam are very clear in condemning violence.”

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security are calling Friday's shooting spree an act of terror, but investigators haven't said if El-Mofty had any ties to known terror organizations.

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