National Fire Prevention Week: Smoke detectors and planning save lives


It’s national fire prevention week and a perfect opportunity for families to talk about life saving options. The theme of this year is every second counts and with today’s fires burning hotter and faster, those words are very true.

Two major points of emphasis for families can help to save lives, according to York city fire department Captain Bill Sleeger. Every home should have several working smoke detectors and every family should have an exit plan if a fire breaks out.

Captain Sleeger recommends that smoke detectors be installed in every bedroom in the house as well as the top of each stair case. These detectors are the first line of defense to alert people to potential smoke, fire and even CO. The batteries should be checked every six months.

When forming a plan or exit strategy, consider the two best options out of the home. If someone in the house smells or sees smoke or fire, they should get out as quickly as possible. Designate a meeting place for each family member outside so that the family and first responders can know that everyone is outside safely. If a person opens the door and smoke fills the room, close the door and try to get out of the window. Always crawl or get lower to the ground to avoid smoking inhalation.

In the end, a few minutes of planning ahead of time can prevent tragedy

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