Motorcycle rider killed in crash with Harrisburg Police officer identified


More details are expected to be released about a crash involving a Harrisburg Police officer and a motorcyclist that killed the motorcycle rider.

Police have identified the motorcycle rider killed in the crash as 62-year-old James Fuhrman.

It happened at the intersection of Seneca and Second Streets Sunday night. Harrisburg police say the officer was doing routine patrols in the area.

“I believe the officer was engaged in traffic stops throughout the day in this corridor for speeders. I do believe he was in active in this area,” said Harrisburg Deputy Chief Derick Moody.

Neighbors in the area say the parked cars along both sides of the street sometimes make it difficult to see.

“All the streets are like that all the way probably from Forester Street all the way down to Division, it's all blind spots you can't see nothing coming down those side streets,” said neighbor Willie Chisom.

Pictures and video showed the intensity of the collision, so great, the back passenger side door of the cruiser was crushed and the airbags all over the car deployed.

Pennsylvania State Police is handling the investigation. In a tweet, a State Police spokesperson says they plan on releasing more information about the crash and investigation when more details become available.

The officer involved in the crash has been placed on administrative leave, according to Harrisburg Police.

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