Mother is on a mission to fight opioid epidemic after losing daughter to overdose

Mother is on a mission to fight opioid epidemic after losing daughter to overdose

A Middletown mom is trying to make a difference in the wake of her daughter’s death. Two weeks ago 25-year-old Elizabeth Loranzo died of a heroin overdose and now her family is on a mission to help end the epidemic.

“She was a happy person. She was beautiful. She always wanted to help people,” Wendy Loranzo said of her daughter.

Loranzo says it was that inherent need to help that got her daughter mixed up with the wrong people and ultimately led to a heroin addiction.

“It was two years of pure hell,” said Loranzo.

After hitting rock bottom Elizabeth went to a rehab facility. From there she met her fiancé, was able to get clean, and gave birth to her now nine month old son, Carson. She was better, or so everyone thought.

But her sobriety came to a screeching halt two weeks ago. On March 19th Elizabeth overdosed on a batch of heroin her mom says was laced with fentanyl.

“He doesn’t have a mom, he doesn’t have a mom,” Loranzo said of her grandson.

Loranzo says there were warning signs in the past month, like depression, that she didn’t but should have thought twice about. She’s going to make sure other moms know about those signs.

“My daughter is working through me to help those people,” said Loranzo.

She’s also starting a foundation called I-Care. It’ll be a way to let people who are struggling know that someone cares because if Elizabeth had known she might still be here.

“I can't bring her back, I can't tell her that I'm sorry and all I can do is help to save someone else and that’s what she would want and that's what she would want me to do. So, that's what I'm going to do,” said Loranzo.

She says her daughters fiancĂ© will also be a part of this mission. It’s all in an effort to honor Elizabeth’s life and save another.

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