Minimum wage debate louder than ever in PA

The debate surrounding a potential minimum wage hike is louder than ever in Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy: MGN Online)

The debate surrounding a potential minimum wage hike is louder than ever in Pennsylvania.

Many people gathered at the Capitol Tuesday to speak on the issue and fight for higher wages.

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Rep. Patty Kim is a lawmaker who agrees with raising the minimum wage in the Keystone State. She says workers should be making at least $21,000 a year, which would be made possible if the minimum wage is boosted to $10.10 an hour.

"States all around the country are already raising minimum wage to $10.10," Director of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, John Dodds, said.

Other lawmakers, like Rep. Mark Cohen, want the wage to increase gradually and end up at $15 an hour in a four-year span.

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"We've got to get people toward the bottom. The working poor, they should make a decent salary for all the hard work they do," Dodds said.

The following is a county-by-county breakdown of the number of workers who would benefit from a minimum wage raise in central Pennsylvania:

Adams - 11,030

Cumberland - 25,556

Dauphin - 30,766

Franklin - 16,204

Juniata - 2,948

Lancaster - 57,560

Lebanon - 13,182

Mifflin - 5,370

Perry - 4,904

York - 46,600

CBS 21 has put together a diverse panel to answer the question "Should we raise the wage in PA?"

Tell us what you think and hear from our panelists tonight.

The Your Voice, Your Future Town Hall is an opportunity for citizens to speak with those intimately involved in the minimum wage debate and ask questions. The Town Hall is open to the public.

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm (EST)

Host: CBS 21

Where: Central Penn College Conference Center

Watch Live:


  • Kevin Shivers, Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • John Meyerson, Philadelphia Unemployment Project
  • Paul Fogal, Owner, Pocono Whitewater
  • Tina Zeigler, Home Care Aide
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