Medical marijuana grower taking another crack at bringing facility to Saxton

A medical marijuana company is taking another crack at bring a grow facility to Bedford County. (WJAC)

SAXTON, Pa. - A medical marijuana company is taking another crack at bring a grow facility to Bedford County.

Green Leaf Medical LLC. narrowly missed out on receiving a permit last year to open a grow facility in Saxton.

Greenleaf CEO Philip Goldberg said his company filed another application in the next round to try to get a permit.

"We have improved our overall application and made updates to ensure we are using the latest cultivation, security, training and tracking technologies. In addition, we identified areas where we fell short on our first attempt. Specifically, these areas included community impact and minority diversity," said Goldberg.

Goldberg said to bolster their community impact, they have signed revenue share and training agreements with several educational systems in the area and with groups that support seniors, the Saxton Fire Company and other organizations in the area.

To bolster minority diversity, Goldberg said they focused on four main components: diversity in contracts, diversity in ownership, diversity in employees and their overall diversity plan.

Goldberg said they took the Department of Health's score card from their previous application to help focus on those areas, and he feels they will score higher this time around.

Goldberg emphasized that when refiling the permit, they were committed to bringing the operation to Saxton, as they currently own the Seton Leather facility and have roots in the community.

"The borough leadership are supportive of business development and are accessible. They are in touch with the needs of their community, and we believe that Green Leaf Medical, or any business that decides to locate in Saxton, would benefit greatly from this intelligent, skilled, honest and motivated workforce," he said.

Goldberg said that if a license is granted, they will hire 100 employees in the first phase and would grow to 1,000 employees when they reach max capacity.

He said they have been operating a facility in Fredrick, Maryland, for over a year and have a diverse management team there that would help run the Saxton facility.

Applications for the second round for medical marijuana permits close Thursday.

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