Massive cleanup continues in York months after severe flooding


Despite the cold weather, dozens of volunteers hit Otter Creek in York County today to help clean up from the strong Labor Day storms. It’s been five months since heavy rains washed houses, cars, boats and other debris downstream.

“I took advantage of this beautiful place. I just want to come and help clean it up again,” said cleanup volunteer John McDonald.

McDonald is one of several dozen volunteers picking up and dragging out debris left behind by the Labor Day flood.

“Now is my time to help to some degree,” he said.

Flash flooding dropped seven to ten inches of rain in mere hours, flooding homes and washing everything from refrigerators to a F150 pickup truck.

“We are trying to figure out how we can help these people and get them some sort of assistance, particularly helping them to rebuild,” said Representative Stan Saylor, (R) 94th District.

“Every time we have high water, debris comes down here,” said Phil Wenger, President of the Lancaster County Conservancy.

And that’s the worry with this lingering trash, future contamination of the watershed. The Lancaster County Conservancy is looking for help from the PA National Guard, or anyone willing to send in heavy equipment or a helicopter to get this stuff out and bring the beauty back.

“This river is restored to its pristine place and people can come and hike and appreciate all of the work that went into trying to protect nature,” Wenger said.

Several more cleanups are set up for the next few months going into spring. However, the determination of how to get some heavy equipment in and take care of big stuff is still being processed.

If you're interested in volunteering at Otter Creek Click Here.

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