Manufacturing company pleased with President Trump's executive orders from last month

Manufacturing company pleased with President Trump's executive orders from last month

Ames Manufacturing is positive about President Trump’s new executive orders signed last month in Harrisburg.

"To sign two agreements like he did, that's for my grand kids,” said Charles Towling, worker at Ames.

"It's my livelihood, keeps food on our table for forty seven years, it's jobs,” said Towling.

Jobs has been a focal point of President Trump since he took office. Last month the President made a visit to Ames in Harrisburg signing two executive orders. One enforcing jobs in America, specifically manufacturing and the other balancing trade.

"We can compete with anyone as long as there is a level playing field, we have competitors from all over the world, our largest competitor is in Mexico,” said Mark Traylor, President of Ames.

Mark Traylor is President of Ames. He says that these new executive orders could not only stimulate manufacturing in the US, but also make it easier to do business with other countries.

"If we're not fighting currency devaluation and if not fighting goods back and forth across the border, low labor rates, we can compete with anyone,” said Traylor.

Ames currently produces seventy percent of everything they sell in the U-S. The intent is to bring that percentage up with more jobs near home base.

"We'd like it to be one hundred percent, so we're continuing to aggressively look to see how we can bring American manufacturing and jobs back,” said Traylor.

Traylor sets aside politics when it comes to our jobs.

"No matter what your beliefs are I think we can all agree that it is great to have a President and Administration that are supportive of American jobs,” said Traylor.

Employees at Ames agree this push by the President sends a good message.

"When the President stopped, that was a way of expressing that manufacturing is actually a strong backbone of the economy,” said Andrew Shaffer, who also works at Ames

Currently Ames has several job openings across PA and urges you to apply should you be out of work.

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