Making memories and money in the snow


With most school districts closing their doors, it was time for the kids to head out and have some fun.

“Pretty fast. It’s fun. I like it,” said Lawson Adams, ninth grader at Dallastown High School.

It’s Lawson Adams first test at Reservoir Hill in York County. Knees first, no looking back.

“I like the summer, but the winter is still fun with the snow and because of sledding and hitting the ramps. It’s pretty fun,” he said.

“This is the best hill in York,” said Shawn Adams, Lawson’s dad.

No cabin fever for Shawn Adams and his kids. Dad has been riding this hill since he was a young lad. Today was the perfect day to initiate the kids to the big one.

“The snow is packed and fast and they are having a blast,” said Shawn Adams.

Conditions were ideal for sleigh riding. A comfortable constant snow drew kids of all ages looking for the perfect ride.

“You get the sense of adventure and you are not stuck in the house staring at the electronics,” Shawn Adams said.

The snow also brought out the entrepreneurial spirit in Nashir Holton and his friends.

“We are trying to make a couple dollars,” said Holton, a ninth grader at York High School.

The threesome, Holton and two friends, went door-to-door, shoveling driveways, putting their muscles to good use.

“The snow was light right now. It’s really easy. We get tired and stuff,” he said.

Fighting through the pain, the dreams of the almighty dollar left them to wish for more winter.

“I hope there is going to be a lot of snow, so we can make a lot more money,” Holton said.

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