Local veteran reflects on service on 100th Veterans Day


    Sunday marked the 100th celebration of Veterans Day in our nation. Thousands came together to honor our servicemen and women.

    World War ll veteran Chet Brown was proud to carry the Air Force flag for the Masonic Village's Veterans Day program.

    "I was in the Pottsville Civil Air Patrol, and we would go down to the Jersey Shore, fly weekends and observe for German submarines," Brown remembers.

    Brown enlisted in the Air Force when he was 17 years old. Many members of his family have fought for our country.

    "My grandfather was in the Civil War," Brown said. "He was wounded twice and survived, and it was a great happening in our family."

    Brown says celebrating his comrades in arms is one of the reasons why Veterans Day is important to him.

    "In January '46, I was assigned to occupy Germany," Brown said. "I served there and in headquarters for 39 months until September 1949."

    Brown believes it’s important to reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    There's a sea of flags out at the Masonic Village for Veterans Day. Each one represents a serviceman or woman who made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11.

    "It’s in honor of those people that have served, and also [to] bring in front of the people as to what this country is all about," Brown said. "We are the greatest nation in this world."

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