Local politicians consider arming citizens with life-saving overdose antidote


York mayor Michael Helfrich demonstrates just how easy it is to administer naloxone.

That’s why he says he's on board with Philadelphia urging their residents to carry it on them, whether it be the nasal spray, or the thigh injection.

"We never know when we’re going to have the chance to save somebody else’s life,” Mayor Michael Helfrich says.

For him, it hits home especially this week.

“I had a friend die on Sunday so that’s how bad this is. If I would’ve been by with this maybe there be another friend around that I would still have,” he said.

But Mayor Helfrich is not alone, New Cumberland is taking a stance as well.

“You are at the Sheetz, you’re waiting for a bathroom and somebody doesn’t come out. There’s going to be a point where you’re like, oh my goodness, what can I do, well if you had naloxone you could potential he save someone’s life,” Angela Cook with Medard’s House Outreach and Recovery said.

That's why they're taking the next step to help people feel more comfortable should they ever be put in that situation.

“We’re actually doing training on how to administer it, we are going to every church, every funeral home; we want to get to the sports boards, the teachers, the groups that meet and local businesses,” Cook said.

But not everyone is on board 100 percent.

In a statement, Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace said:

“While I support wide access to the life-saving drug Narcan, I have serious concerns about offering it to citizens as a long-term strategy for combating opioid abuse. When medical professionals, firefighters or police officers administer Narcan, they are able to provide a wide array of physical and mental health services that can aid those suffering from addiction find help and rehabilitation. Giving individuals the power to save a life, is, of course, better than the alternative, but this approach can only be a small piece of the puzzle. We need to have a deeper conversation as a community about how to get at the root causes of this epidemic!”
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