"No excuses, just move" | Local kids take a spin at wheelchair basketball


    “No excuses. Just move. “It’s a motto a group of basketball players at Spooky Nook Sports are living by. They are taking part in a 3-day camp at the Manheim sports complex.

    During the camp, you won’t hear the sound of sneakers squeaking, but you will hear the sound of clanking chairs.

    Esteban Aparicio Fernandez is on a team of wheelchair basketball players. “Sometimes we get to hit people and we have to try and hit and push each other.”

    The camp at The Nook takes is a spin on the well-known sport. Wheelchair basketball gives all kids a chance.

    Some of the players thought they would never play a sport. Ryan Noyes has only been playing wheelchair basketball for three days. He tells CBS21 that he would like to keep playing.

    This adaptive sports camp was funded by IM Able and The Ryan Martin Foundation. Together they hope to inspire the next generation of leaders who will never take “No” for an answer.

    Aimee Hafer is the Business Manager for IM Able, located in Wyomissing, PA. “We just have to keep giving them opportunities, and examples, and new sports, and they will realize the potential is limitless.”

    Ryan Martin knows the benefits of shooting some hoops. He was born with spina bifida. He eventually took his court skills to the college level and wants these Lancaster County kids to have the same chance to shine.

    “If the child has a disability or not, sport gives them leadership ability and self-confidence.”

    His message seems to be sinking in just fine with Zoie Larson. “I can try things and if I can’t do it, I’ll find another way to do it.”

    The camp at Spooky Nook wrapped up on Friday.

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