Local companies bringing the Breeder's Cup to Central PA


Next weekend is the Breeder’s Cup in Kentucky considered the richest horse racing weekend of the year, and four Lancaster County based companies are playing a big role in the viewing experience.

CBS 21 got an inside look at the cutting-edge technology that will make you feel the action even if you are thousands of miles away.

Over 200 of the most expensive thoroughbreds in the world will run in the Breeder’s Cup.

Thanks to some Lancaster County based companies it won’t take a million bucks to be part of the action.

Michael Sanchez and Elizabethtown-based Greenfish Labs is head manning a team of four companies providing a virtual reality experience of the event.

Michael Sanchez Greenfish Labs Executive Producer said “For the viewer that can’t be there in person, this will bring them front and center, you want to bring new people into the fold and that is exactly what our technology is capable of doing.”

Kevin Flounlacker with Lake View Visual added ”It’s a new viewing experience. it doesn’t replace the other viewing experience but it’s a great addition to that.”

There are three camera angles available. It is not something someone would normally see. As you spin around, this will take you inside a virtual look and give you a whole new experience.

It’s kind of an offshoot of facial recognition.

A camera inside the paddock will provide a first-hand look at the fillies. cutting-edge artificial intelligence will recognize the horse by flag number -- and pop up important information in a virtual box.

Charles Durham from Seisan said “Things like odds, how is this start, the jockey, the owner in some of those. We didn’t have to go to California. we didn’t have to go to New York the talent pool was right here.”

That talent pool developing and laying the groundwork for this first-of-its kind broadcast proving Central PA can play in the high-tech world.

To put this broadcast into homes all across the country, it’s an exciting thing for Lancaster County and it’s a really exciting thing to be a part of.

The crew leaves for Kentucky on Tuesday. The Breeder’s cup races will be run on November 2nd and 3rd.

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