Local businessmen included in President Trump's small business meeting


Several small business owners met with President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on Tuesday afternoon.

John Bailey, of Bailey Coach in York, and Douglas Henry, of Henry Molded Products in Lebanon, were two of four Pennsylvania business owners invited to the event.

President Trump addressed the crowd, along with his daughter and small business owner Ivanka.

One of the biggest things discussed was how to help small businesses succeed and what the Trump administration can do.

Bailey and Henry both say it starts with a new tax code and parity between large corporations and small businesses. They say they'd like to see more regulations from previous administrations repealed.

"I'm in the transportation business you can see the vehicles we operate behind us the government regulations that I put on us over the many last year's or just choking us one thing that President Trump has said is that for every new regulation that the federal government comes out with their going to take to regulations away and in my opinion they can't take away fast enough," said Bailey, President of Bailey Coach.

"You get the feeling that you've got a colleague there who understands what you're facing with the challenges are and by the way the optimism that we all have for not only our companies but this country at large," said Henry, President of Henry Molded Products.

The four men from Pennsylvania were among just a couple dozen chosen to be at the meeting.

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