Legislators use movie "Relentless" to raise awareness for victims of human trafficking


    January is Anti-Human Trafficking Month.

    In 2017, 117 cases of human trafficking were reported to the Human Trafficking Hotline just last year in Pennsylvania.

    “Too many, heartbreaking; it’s 117 people that we don’t know where they are and we hope that we can find them," Abolish Slavery Secretary Dawn Adams said.

    Dawn Adams works to prevent, educate and advocate to bring an end to human trafficking.

    Monday night she was a guest at a screening of the movie Relentless at the Capitol.

    “The movie that was shown tonight, Relentless, shows that it’s just a business for this organized crime. It’s not personal, it’s business they don’t have personal feelings about the victims," Adams said.

    Pennsylvania Senator Camera Bartolotta hosted the event in the hopes to get more done in Pennsylvania to prevent human trafficking.

    Currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Bill 554 would create a safe harbor for victims of human trafficking, giving them the resources they need to recover rather than criminally charging them.

    “In human trafficking, these people have no choice. They’re trapped in that situation and they’re used over and over and over again and it really is a horrific problem," Senator Bartolotta said.

    The film that was shown, Relentless, is not a documentary, but inspired by true events.

    Writer and director Lance Tracy says showing it to legislators here in Pennsylvania is s step towards change.

    “That’s really the goal my company is to make films that change thanks for the positive. I mean, they're about entertainment as well, but there about saving lives," Writer and Director Lance Tracy said.

    Representative Seth Grove introduced legislation last week that would toughen the penalties for those charged with human trafficking offenses.

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