Lebanon Valley College students, faculty protest racist graffiti and fliers

Lebanon Valley College students, faculty protest racists graffiti on Women's Center

Protests have popped up all across the country and Wednesday one happened in Lebanon County.

People gathered near Lebanon Valley College for a silent protest against discrimination on campus.

They also gathered together to send a message to our country during this time when people seem divided.

Church bells rang peacefully as protests moved forward. Hundreds of students and faculty joined as well.

This was all a result of an event that happened on campus .

College student, Matthew Erman said,"We are protesting against discriminatory acts of graffiti that were posted on the Women's Center."

Erman said the protesters stood together, liberal or conservative.

According to Erman,"We're not going to get any further if we are divided so we need to come together as a community."

Political Science Professor David O'Connell at Dickinson College gave some insight on recent protests nationwide.

O'Connell said,"We keep reading that the country is divided fifty fifty, and that fifty percent of Americans are elated about the election and fifty percent are and I think that's a misconception."

He also said that the protests nationwide seem bigger than they really are.

According to O'Connell,"If we look at those protests in LA over this weekend you saw eight thousand protest Donald Trump, well ten years ago in 2006 five hundred thousand protest immigration reform."

It all came down to perspective.

"If we think about the number of cities that have seen these protests you count them up its fewer than the number of counties that switched from Barack Obama to Donald Trump in this election," O'Connell said.

State police and local police were both present at the protest Wednesday and said all remained calm.

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