Late school teacher leaves $4.7M to Philadelphia Orchestra


PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The Philadelphia Orchestra says a retired school teacher and longtime subscriber left them $4.7 million after her death in 2017.

Retired Abington-area music teacher Jane Kesson died at age 90 last year, and friends say they expected her to leave something in her will to the orchestra. reports the orchestra disclosed the large donation this week.

Longtime friend Cindi Pasceri says she was "flabbergasted," saying Kesson did not live a life indicative of a million-dollar estate.

Kesson never married or had children, but her name will extend to new generations of budding orchestra patrons. The Philadelphia Orchestra says it will name a series of teacher workshops and concerts for schoolchildren the Jane H. Kesson School Concert Program.

Orchestra President Matias Tarnopolsky says the gift is transformative.

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