Lancaster County DA suing county commissioners


    District Attorney Craig Stedman has officially filed a lawsuit against the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.

    The move comes after the commissioners had questioned how the DA uses money from drug forfeitures.

    Stedman says that money was approved for him to buy an SUV to be used for work.

    He says he paid back the money used for fuel in the SUV.

    The Lancaster County Commissioners released the following statement:

    Having had no opportunity to fully review or consult with our legal advisors, we can at this time offer only this preliminary statement.
    The hallmark of this Board of Commissioners has been fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of taxpayer money. We are extremely disheartened that significant county resources will be expended not only to bring this lawsuit that seeks to silence us on essential County government matters, but also to defend against it as we must to ensure the fiscal integrity, transparency and good government owed the citizens of Lancaster County.

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