Kids who are losing to the cold

Kids who are losing to the cold

There is nothing better than watching the seasons change but something greater is witnessing kids trying to understand it. Children have an amazingly, interesting way of interpreting the world so imagine how amusing it must be to see them combat snow coming from the sky or any chilly factor. While no child is exactly like the other, it works in our benefit to see how each one totally loses when going toe-to-toe with the cold.

1. ) The “I am over this” reaction

Sometimes you just have to know when you've met your match but in this case, maybe when you've met your mattress.

2.) The you can run but can’t hide

There’s no better way to learn that you can’t run away from your problems than to get pummeled by a giant snow ball.

3.) The take a whack at it approach

Strike three and you're out but you still have to get up and face the cold.

4.) The test the waters approach

No harm ever came from just getting your feet wet, unless of course the water was the equivalent of walking into a faulty freezer that sucked you into a frosty oblivion.

5.) The REALLY test the waters approach

This guy learned the hard way that no matter how hard you try to stomp winter out, it'll find a way to take you along for the ride.

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