Keep your packages safe from "porch pirates" this holiday season


Bradley Lukens never imagined he'd become victim of porch pirates, the term officials use to describe people who steal packages off of front porches.

“It’s such a quiet street, only a couple cars an hour and the neighbors are all really nice,” Lukens said.

But last December, Bradley was just one of many victims whose packages were stolen right off their porch in York and Adams counties.

“I looked and it said I had something delivered and I got home and they weren’t there, so as it turns out, they were stolen and they were never found,” he said.

He was able to get his money back from the website, but went a step further to prevent it from happening again.

He installed a device on his door, called Ring.

The video doorbell systems allows the homeowner to see whoever is on the porch at any time of day through a camera planted right on the doorbell. It even allows them to talk to the person through their cell phone.

“A lot of home security systems work after you’ve already been broken into. This one will help prior to that. It supposed catch them before they break into the house.”

Pennsylvania State Police put out a warning to residents urging them to be vigilant when having packages delivered this time of year.

They suggest having packages delivered to a service like Amazon locker where you can physically pick them up, or consider having them delivered to your work.

They also suggest that you have someone be there to sign for the package.

“If you know someone’s going to be home, I’ve of people having stuff delivered to their friends or family’s house, somebody who can actually be there to receive it and then you can get it from them later.”

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