Jonestown parents react to armed school intruder


“It’s just very, very scary and unreal. Unreal. I’m just glad I got to kiss my son goodnight last night and got to wake him up in the morning today.”

Sarah Eisenhour is counting her blessings today.

Her son was one of many students and faculty on lockdown at Jonestown Elementary School Thursday, as she waited in the pickup line outside with no idea of what was happening on the inside.

“When they came out, kids were crying, the staff was crying. And then the kids were telling us ‘mommy, he was in the school.’ At that point, my heart dropped.”

The ‘he’ is 23-year-old Tyler Weaber-Hagg, now in police custody.

State Police say he followed a parent into the building at dismissal armed with a handgun.

District officials say once inside the office Weaber-Hagg was able to walk through a door, into the lobby and through these doors which lead into the school.

But the Northern Lebanon superintendent says Weaber-Hagg wasn’t in the school long thanks to a quick-thinking parent who chased him out of the building.

“The intruder was in the building for less than two minutes probably. And we went into lockdown immediately. And through a very tragic situation, we’re extremely proud of how we reacted to it.”

“I keep thinking about that guy and I’d love to shake his hand, because I think maybe for one split second he made that man think. And he ran out.”

No one answered the door at Weaber-Hagg’s home this afternoon.

And at Jonestown, counselors and a therapy dog were on hand to help students and staff.

“This was a very therapeutic day. Very emotional.”

Even though he’s behind bars, Eisenhour had doubts about sending her son to school today, but ultimately decided it was a good idea.

“I want him to walk trough those doors with his head held high, and say you know if anything I got out of this. I have to be stronger.”

Eisenhour is also crediting school officials and police with helping keep her child safe.

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