Suspected armed elementary school intruder ID'd, $1 million bail set


Police have identified the armed suspect who entered an elementary school and later ran over a man with a dump truck.

23-year-old Tyler Weaber-Hagg, from Palmyra, faces charges of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon on school property, attempted burglary, and fleeing and eluding.

Weaber-Haag is currently in Lebanon County Prison with his bail set at $1 million.

State Police responded to the school after receiving reports that a suspicious man was in the Jonestown Borough talking to students. The man approached a child after he got off the school bus on Quarry Road in Swatara Township and offered him a cell phone that he had placed in the child's mailbox. When the child refused and walked to his house the man tried to follow him and get into his house but the child's mom stopped him, police said.

He continued to act suspicious and walked down Lancaster street after the mother came outside. A Trooper from Jonestown started checking the area and drove around the parking lot of Jonestown Elementary School.

Police were called just before 3:20pm after a man matching the same description of the suspect in the first incident followed a parent into Jonestown Elementary School with a gun.

According to Police he went into the front office and when the secretary asked him if he was there to pick up a student he said he was there for himself.

The secretary asked him to leave and instead he began running through the school being chased by the secretary, he said "you don't want to do this" and a parent became involved. He then repeated the statement lifting his shirt to show his waistband before running out of the school according to police.

“It was very scary because I didn’t know it was real,” said Charlie McCoy, Jonestown Elementary School first grader.

“The office will handle it. The police will come and handle it. It’s going to be okay. Just be quiet for a couple minutes,” said Charlie as she explains what she was telling her classmates as her school was put on lockdown Thursday afternoon.

Some parents are voicing their concerns about the time it took for the district to alert them of the lockdown.

“The communication needs to be far better and it cannot be 30 minutes after dismissal,” said Lisa McCoy, parent of first grader.

The Northern Lebanon School District sent a statement Thursday saying their staff worked on a safe dismissal for all students, staff, and visitors and is thanking the Jonestown school community for strength and support.

Troopers were informed by a crossing guard that the suspect ran out of the school when they arrived and then were told he was seen running though an alley.

Troopers caught up to the suspect as he was backing away from them with his hands in his waistband. He refused to show the trooper his hands so the trooper pulled out his gun and the man ran off, when the trooper chased him he pointed a gun at the trooper and said not chase him, police said.

The suspect fled toward a Jonestown Borough maintenance building where he stole a dump truck that an employee had just pulled into a garage, running over the employee as he backed out. The employee was taken to Hershey Medical Center to be examined.

A trooper saw him driving north on Mill Street where a car chase ensued. He was stopped using spike strips and a PIT maneuver at Greble Road where he was taken into custody.

“I think it was high stress, high stakes and our folks were there and we do what we’re trained to do,” said Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Beohm.

A gun was located in the roadway a short distance away, police said. The suspect was also in possession of an empty holster.

Counselors will be available Friday at Jonestown Elementary School for any students or staff who want to talk.

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