Is the West Shore's mystery ice chunk a meteor?

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    The mystery continues after an object fell from the sky and smashed a car windshield on the West Shore.

    It happened last week, and now a professor tasked with figuring out what it is and where it came from says it might be a meteor.

    Those who work at McCafferty Kia of Mechanicsburg are still scratching their heads after a large chunk of ice fell from the sky Friday.

    But soon, they may get some answers from Dr. Bill Kreiger.

    "What we'll do is take the ice, just wash it off, and then I'm going to drill inside it," Dr. Kreiger, a professor of earth science at York College, said.

    He will be analyzing the ice once Hampden Township police send it to him. Not much is known about ice chunks that fall from the sky.

    "Since this stuff has only begun to be studied, especially in Europe, since 2000, this stuff is still in its infancy," Dr. Kreiger said.

    But he hopes to determine whether it's "blue ice" from a plane or if it's a meteor.

    "I'll check the salinity of it and do a chemical analysis of it," Dr. Kreiger said.

    Dr. Kreiger plans to drill through it. On the inside and outside, he'll do an isotopic analysis and check the ice's acidity, density and how much salt is in it.

    The chunk's density and white color are signs it could be a meteor. But police told Kreiger the chunk of ice has a flat surface.

    "Flat edges. I say was it on a roof? No, it was on an airplane probably," Dr. Kreiger said.

    Its shape is also helpful.

    "You can almost see a round sphere here. So it's like a bunch of golf balls that you glue together," Dr. Kreiger said.

    Dr. Kreiger says fallen ice is mainly reported in populated areas where people find it before it melts, and it falls more often than many people might think.

    "There's been stuff dropping out of the sky for years," Dr. Kreiger said.

    For now, what's left of the chunk is sitting in a freezer at the Hampden Township police station, but Dr. Kreiger hopes to get his hands on it soon.

    Once he has it, he expects it will take a week and a half to analyze. He will likely study it after the semester ends.

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