Police: New information may help identify remains found in West Manchester Twp.

Police seek to identify remains found in West Manchester Twp.

For four years, Officer Lance Krout has worked to get to step one in a homicide investigation in West Manchester Township.

“You can’t start a homicide investigation without knowing who the victim is,” he said.

Back in November of 2013, West Manchester Township workers found skeletal remains at the intersection of Loucks Road and Haviland Road. But four years later, the individual’s identity is still a mystery.

Police recently got back results after sending the remains to The University of South Florida to be studied.

Officials say the testing showed the victim had a high presence of corn maize in his childhood diet. They also were able to tell that he most likely spent his childhood in the southeastern part of the United States and then that he spent the last decade of his life in or around Pennsylvania.

But officials say while that may narrow it down, it still makes for a long list of potential matches.

“You’re always hoping that you can get the exact of something that you want, but that’s not the way this works. They give you a region. It’s based upon mineral content. We are be based upon what we take in, is what is deposited in your bones and that’s what they come up with that ratio of area,” Officer Krout said.

But he says there are a few things that stick out.

“I know the person had upper dental plate so that something that unique to that body. Hopefully somebody will see that and know that they had. We know that at one point time they had a broken or fractured nose, so there was some trauma there that was prior to the homicide.”

Officer Krout says he hopes someone will recognize the sketches and call in a tip. He says you never know where one bit of information can lead.

“It is frustrating. You put a lot of time into it and for me it’s become personal. I really want to try figure out who this person is and I think somebody out there knows something and somewhere we will eventually get an answer, I hope, but you just never know,” he said.

Police are hoping another round of testing can bring more answers, including when this person was born and when they died.

He said they are currently applying for a grant that would pay for the testing.

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