Indoor playgrounds focus on sanitation as record breaking flu continues to spread


According to the Centers for Disease Control, children under the age of five are one the groups most at risk for contracting the flu and in a place where its hands on, it takes all hands on deck to keep in germ-free.

"That's our number one priority is to have a clean facility for the kids,” Joan Wurster of Go’ N Bananas in Lancaster said.

Go’ N Bananas in Lancaster says when winter time hits, the attraction gets much busier, which means cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Between the arcade games, a spin zone, ropes course and the ball pit, it takes industrial strength cleaners and a routine.

“Once we close we sanitize everything, the whole entire facility we do,” Wurster said.

The balls in the ball pit even leave the facility for a deep cleaning once a week.

“If anything happens in the Ballocity, anything with kids or someone gets sick or anything like that we take them out right away and replace them. As soon as that happens we close down Ballocity and take everybody out and clean up and then they can go back in,” Wurster said.

That attention to detail doesn't go unnoticed.

“I see the staff always cleaning, wiping, sanitizing and everything for the most part when I came so it’s very, very clean,” Parent Steven Rosario said.

Monkey Joe’s in Camp Hill sent CBS 21 this statement saying “We take the safety and health of our customers very seriously and we have procedures in place to protect our customers. Monkey Joe’s is committed to sanitizing all the inflatables in its facility with the help of industry leader Enviro-Master, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact with a safe, non-toxic solution through a micro-misting device. The sanitizing treatment performed by trained technicians at Enviro-Master helps create a clean environment for our number one priority, our customers.”

But parents like Steven Rosario say it goes beyond indoor playgrounds and starts with the parents.

“Sanitize, even coming out of here, the place is clean but you also want to make sure to use hand sanitizer, clean their hands before they get out of here just to make sure just to be cautious of anything for the flu season.”

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s not too late for children to get a flu shot. They also suggest anyone who takes care of children, or works with them, get one as well.

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