Indecent exposure at Kohl's store in Chambersburg, police seek person of interest


Police are seeking information regarding a man who exposed his genitals to three women in a Kohl's Department Store on Norland Avenue in Chambersburg.

The suspect was described as a white man, approximately 40 years old, slightly over 6 feet tall and has wavy brown or black hair, according to police.

At the time he was said to be wearing a black jacket, possibly with NASCAR logos on it, and drove away in a small red car after the incident.

Police believe the person in the photo may have information relevant to the investigation. He is a person of interest, but not necessarily a suspect at this time.

If you believe you have information that can assist the police in identifying or locating this person, please contact the Chambersburg Police Department at 717-264-4131 or submit a tip on Crime Watch.

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