Hundreds sign Father's Day pledge to end domestic violence


Despite the sweltering temperatures, hundreds came out to Sunday's ball game a little early in support of something that affects Pennsylvanians year round, domestic violence.

"I think that's goods support for this community and that the heat can stop anyone from coming where they want to go."

Over 1,400 people across the state have signed a Father's Day pledge to end gender violence.

Folks with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence made a pitch to families in the stands to start that conversation, even presenting the Pennsylvania Excellence in Male Leadership Award to a Williamsport officer.

"Its pervasive in today's society, social media, things of that nature that I think that message needs to get through that you can be a very good person by being respectful and responsible to others and caring about others," said Agent Jason Bolt of the Williamsport Bureau of Police.

"Its not just a women's problem. It's not a private family matter," said Ellen Kramer, Deputy Director of PCADV. "It's really a matter that impacts our community's safety, the health and well being of our children, and law enforcement and others who are working so hard to combat it."

The PCADV has 60 local programs across the state offering 24 hours of support to domestic violence victims and if you need a little help getting that conversation going at home, the Coalition has a free app called Raising Respect that provides tips and background info surrounding domestic violence.

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