How to spot a suspicious package


A recent string of suspicious packages have targeted people in the public eye, but security experts say it can happen to just about anyone.

A central Pennsylvania-based security expert is sharing tips on how to spot a suspicious package or envelope.

“First of all were you expecting a package or an envelope or a piece of mail or whatever you’re getting,” said Brian Krause with Vulnerability Solutions Group.

If you weren’t expecting a package and you receive one, that could be your first red flag.

Experts also say look at the label for misspellings.

Another sign you could have a suspicious package on your hands is if there’s excessive postage.

Look for wires sticking out of the package.

Is the package lopsided or does it have an odor?

If you notice one or more of these signs security experts say don’t open the package. Don’t shake it. Put it on a flat surface.

“If you feel it’s going to be a threat or if you’re not sure contact the local police or 911 and make sure it’s in a room, close the door, if you can put a towel or something under the door to kind of seal it off,” said Krause.

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