How the rainy weather has been affecting local businesses


This May has been filled with rain, rain and more rain, making it one of the soggiest Mays on record.

How has all this weather been affecting local businesses? In York County shops might see a boost because of a weekend long event.

Rhea Schrader and her husband Harold have been coming to York County for years for the Street Rods car show for years.

The couple are from New Jersey -- the rain didn't scare them away.

"Come rain or shine our reservations are made year to year at the same hotel. Yep we are gonna be here," said Schrader.

This past month, 19 days had measurable rainfall.

Friends keep calling, says Schrader asking about how the weather is today.

"They call us, 'what’s the weather like I don’t know if I should come is it going to rain.'" said Schrader. "My husband says you’re not gonna melt He says the cars going to run in the rain and that’s what you’re going to do."

The street rods arrive- just in time to boost York business.

"It’s depressing but we know summer is coming and it is surprising people do come downtown because they want to get outside too," Michelina Shirey.

Shirey owns Memory Lane Sweets in downtown York. She says foot traffic this past month has been slow.

"The rain does keep people away but usually on the weekend there are some die hard people that are coming downtown and walking around."

3 thousand cars are expected to set up for the weekend and for the Schraders it's not just about the cars.

"We do go to all the local places because that’s what we’re here for. Yesterday I was antique shopping for five or six hours because it was rainy yesterday," she explained.

The street rods will be at the York Expo Center all this weekend and wrap up Sunday.

The event is expected to make quite the economic impact -- an estimated 7 million dollars.

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