House votes to trim Legislature, but bill's fate is unclear

Pennsylvania is revealing that it paid $900,000 in 2016 to settle a workplace sexual misconduct case, the state's biggest payout of that type to come to light in recent months. (AP photo)

A proposal to cut about a quarter of state lawmakers from the Pennsylvania General Assembly is moving ahead, but it's still not certain that the constitutional amendment will make it onto the November ballot.

The House voted 109 to 80 on Tuesday for a bill that would cut the House from 203 to 151 members and the Senate from 50 to 38.

Supporters predict it will make the Legislature work more efficiently and could produce some cost savings.

Opponents warn it will dilute the voices of constituents and give more power to leaders when new district lines are drawn after the 2020 census.

Procedural rules mean that the proposal to cut the Senate would have to be eliminated in order for the bill to go before voters later this year.

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