Hemp industry looks to raise awareness, increase production in PA

After over eighty years of being illegal in the state of Pennsylvania, hemp is making a commercial come back. It was legalized in 2016 and now groups are pushing for its reemergence in more products.

CBS21 News This Morning stopped by the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council’s booth in Main Hall at the Farm Show Complex. The educational setting shows the many different uses for modern day hemp including everything from textiles to the interior of a car.

BMW has a model car called the I3 where four percent of the interior of the car is made of hemp. In some instances, the hemp replaces parts that are normally made of plastic like the dashboard, door panels or insulation around the speakers.

Hemp can also be used in building materials like insulation and wall block. In fact, a hemp wall block has a R-24 rating when used as an insulator.

After having a rich history in the state, hemp was outlawed in 1933 after being caught up in the prohibition of marijuana. Under Governor Tom Wolf, hemp was legalized in 2016 and now supporters are trying to re-introduce the crop to farmers to expand on it’s commercial growing and processing.

For more information or to learn how to get the proper permits to grow hemp in Pennsylvania, visit

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