"Heart for the Holidays" fundraiser to help woman who lost three sons in fire


As the suspect in a fatal arson case prepares to go to trial, the mother whose sons were killed in the fire is trying to put what's left of her life back together.

On Oct. 25th, police say 26-year old Preston Bonnett set fire to a home in Laflin, Luzerne County.

In that fire, three children lost their lives; 8-year old Ezekiel, 12-year-old Devon and 16-year-old Erik.

To help the mother who has lost everything, Kim Hirt and Lara Mckeever, who work for the same company as Susan Major, are holding a fundraiser to help rebuild her life.

The Heart for the Holiday event is Tuesday, Dec. 12th from 6-9 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill. Tickets are $10.

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