HBG school board member's position is in jeopardy, DA plans to file charges


The Harrisburg school board hosted their swearing in ceremony tonight.

One of the newly elected members, Carrie Fowler, position could be in jeopardy before she even begins.

Fowler who was elected to the board is being challenged because of her criminal history. The dauphin county district attorney is filing a civil suit attempting to bar Fowler from serving, because of a misdemeanor charge 16-years-ago. Fowler says the charge was a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property that was valued at $25.

Fowler says she respects the DA's office, but serving the families and children of Harrisburg is her main concern. According to Fowler she was honest about her past during the elections,"I've been very candid, very open about my past and very honest with them (the voters) and the voters didn't see that as a weakness, they saw it as a strength and they voted me into office and i'm here to serve the families and children of Harrisburg"

Judd Pittman was voted in as the school school board president during the meeting by a vote of 5-4.

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