Harrisburg family tells story of having no heat during arctic weather

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In Harrisburg, one family is telling their story after spending four nights without heat, waking up this morning with temperatures in the negative.

Eunice Easter says that these past few days have been an absolute nightmare. The arctic blast making an impression with her grandchildren.

"It's just been terrible," she said.

The temperature was down to 60 degrees in the house.

Easter's family without heat since Sunday, their furnace not kicking on.

"So the next morning, which was Monday, she called her realty office. No one answered and she left a message and they sent some gentleman and he took a burner out of her furnace."

She was told that a part needed to be special ordered from Texas.

"We said we have to nip this in the bud -- it's below zero it's freezing in here -- which we have space heaters and that but that's not good cause they can cause fires and stuff."

The entire family bundling up in the living room, sleeping there with multiple space heaters and even plastic covering the window.

"She's been using a blow dryer, space heaters, she had a blow dryer on her," explained Easter. "I've been so emotional my grandkids you know, so I've been holding on for them."

We looked into tenant's rights in PA when it comes to situations like this, and we found it is a gray area. The law says your landlord must fix it, but you have to give them reasonable time to do repairs. The landlord, however, must reimburse you for any repairs you make.

In this case, the family says the landlord is reimbursing them for the space heaters.

Firefighters say this isn't a safe thing to do. Easter says she was worried about starting a fire.

The family says a heat technician came today to make repairs.

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