Handgun stolen from Kinsey's Outdoors recovered in Baltimore


One of the 70 guns stolen from Kinsey's outdoors on November 18th has been recovered.

According to Northwest Regional Police the handgun was found in the possession of a 17-year-old male in Baltimore.

Police say officers in Baltimore found the gun during a stop and were able to trace it back to the Lancaster County gun-heist.

The gun was one of 70 stolen from the Lancaster sporting goods store.

Northwest Lancaster County Regional Police were dispatched to the Mount Joy sporting goods store around 9 pm on Saturday Nov. 18th for an alarm in progress.

According to police they arrived just four minutes after the alarm sounded, but the suspects had already fled the scene. Police say the the glass front doors to the sporting goods store sustained damage during the burglary.

Police say the suspects were able to get away with approximately 70 handguns during the burglary. Police have not released any information regarding any suspects in the case at this time.

The Northwest Lancaster County Regional Police and the ATF continue to investigate the burglary. Anyone with information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Northwest Lancaster County Regional Police at 717-367-8481.

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