Governor Wolf invests in job training programs for in demand jobs across Pennsylvania


The Wolf administration continued their jobs that pay tour on Thursday.

Deputy secretary for workforce development Eileen Cipriani visited the iron workers local training facility in Harrisburg to talk about workforce development. The Wolf Administrations message was simple, we need to continue to invest in education, workforce development and job training programs.

Part of the Administrations goal is to ensure workers learn the skills they need to know and according to Cipriani apprenticeships will play a major role. "Apprenticeships are a focal point of the governors and have been for a long time we have increased apprenticeships by over 14% since we started the apprenticeship and training office in the Commonwealth. They're really important and it's a great way for individuals to get into a family sustaining career Earn a good wage. Without encountering a lot of debt."

Cipriani also talked about the new budget Governor Wolf announced this week and its investment in job training programs.

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