Reason for the season? Gettysburg HOA says Jesus sign must go


A Gettysburg homeowner's association wants to move Jesus out of the neighborhood. But, the display's owner is saying not so fast.

“We feel that's what Christmas is all about, Jesus’s birth. So we are celebrating his birthday and this is the way we decided to do it,” said Lynn Wivell.

Mark and Lynn Wivell are faithful people. To honor the birth of Jesus, they decided to build a manger, placing this simple sign above the display.

“We wanted to show at our house, the real reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus,” said Mark Wivell.

Less than 24 hours after setting it up on Saturday, the Wivell's got an email from the homeowner's association at the Links at Gettysburg saying the sign is offensive and must go.

“We were just kind of shocked that someone would take offense to what Christmas is all about, said Mark Wivell.

Shocked, but not budging. On Monday, the HOA sent a second email outlining the reasons behind the edict. The Wivell's say the three-person board believes the setup breaks the rules against signage in the neighborhood. However, they thoroughly disagree.

“This is a Christmas decoration and this Christmas decoration adheres to the rules and our covenants about Christmas decorations. So there's no problem there,’ said Mark Wivell.

As far as plans to remove the signage, the Wivell’s say Jesus is staying put.

“We have no plans to take it down,” said Lynn Wivell.

The Wivell's say the decorations will come down but not until the January 15 deadline posted by the Links at Gettysburg.

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