Fourth of July fireworks safety: The Do's and Don'ts

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    Aerial fireworks are now legal in Pennsylvania, and ahead of the holiday, paramedics are putting out safety tips and reminders.

    In 2017, 13,000 people went to the emergency room with firework related injuries and paramedics say most of those were preventable.

    One of the newly legal to use fireworks in PA is called a mortar, and if you're not careful, EMT's say you could really hurt yourself.

    Adam Marden, the operations manager at Susquehanna Valley EMS, told CBS 21, "They could burn you, you could lose a limb from it or you could even die from it."

    Another type of popular firework are roman candles, and paramedics say they're just as dangerous and often misused. When you light them you need to back away quickly and make sure there's nothing in the line of fire.

    "They can easily blow off your finger," said Marden.

    Sparklers are another commonly used type of firework and they're one of the easiest to make a mistake with. They heat up to 2,000 degrees and can set your clothing on fire within seconds.

    "First, they should be using them outside under supervision of a parent and holding them away from their body," said Marden.

    The danger doesn't stop when you're finished setting them off. Experts say you need to be just as careful cleaning up.

    Dustin Kramer who works at the Phantom Fireworks stand in Camp Hill said, "You definitely want to make sure you thoroughly soak them with water, place them in a container that's non flammable, that has a lid, and you also want to make sure thats away from any structure or flammable objects."

    Experts also stressed not using fireworks if you've been drinking and read the directions more than once before you use them.

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