First responder "flash mob" teaches kids and parents about 'Hands Only' CPR

    CPR flash mob.PNG

    Emergency responders in Lancaster County got creative when it came to raising awareness about learning CPR.

    Swimmers and loungers at the Landisville Pool Wednesday got quite a surprise when a team of EMTs, EMT students, and paramedics came marching in to the sound of "Stayin" Alive' by the Bee Gee's blasting through a speaker.

    The flash mob was organized by Susquehanna Valley EMS to teach parents and kids about 'Hands Only' CPR.

    "CPR is vitally important," said Rob Walker, Education Manager and Medic at Susquehanna Valley EMS. "Anybody in cardiac arrest who doesn't receive CPR, their chance of survival deceases by ten percent every minute. So it's important that bystanders jump right in and perform CPR when they can."

    Organizers say heat stroke can bring on cardiac arrest, which means the more people who know CPR, the better.

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