Farmers are using drones to help save time and money


HARRISBURG, Pa -- Drones are now helping farmers in multiple ways and saving money in the process.

"We want to be able to help the farmers because in this day in age they need it," said Chris Ryan, Drone Pilot.

The work of a farmer is never done. Maintaining acres upon acres is a lot of work. But with a large drone like this farming could get easier for farmers like Ryan Decker.

"Your not damaging the field, your not trampling down anything," said Ryan Decker, Local Farmer.

Reducing crop damage from an average of 15% to 0%.

"There's a lot of benefits to doing it by drone," said Decker.

One of the many savings. This drone follows the terrain staying clear of the crops. This tool can spray pesticides while using less than if the farmer were to manually spray with larger equipment.

"This thing could cover 33 acres in an hour," said Ryan.

Saving time and money for Decker on many levels. For example it would save the grower approximately 12 dollars per acre spraying via drone.

If I don't have to use the fuel, ware and tare on the equipment," said Ryan.

Another benefit to the drone is capturing images the farmer would normally not eye like this.

"Tells the farmers how many crops what's producing and what's not producing instead of them going in the field," said Ryan.

"They've got better consistency, they are not overlapping, they are not missing things, they can control it better than I can," said Decker.

Less stressful for Decker along with adding a bigger profit margin. On average using a drone could save farmers anywhere from 35 to 55 percent in labor costs.

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