Farm Show Food Offers Exposure to Pennsylvania Commodities


    Everyone has a favorite food at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

    Attendees enjoyed everything from battered vegetables to potato donuts and of course, milkshakes.

    All these deep fried Pennsylvania treats aren’t just a delicious dinner for Farm Show attendees. They also bring in a pretty sweet profit.

    “Depending on the year we bring in $80,000 to $100,000," said Everett Secler, President of Sommerset County Maple Producers.

    The Farm Show is also excellent exposure for the famous foods of Pennsylvania; like maple, dairy and livestock.

    “I am a caterer so what are we going to do in January? The Christmas season is over but more importantly it’s one of Pennsylvania livestock’s main fundraisers of the season," said the owner of Hess’s BBQ, Lloyd Hess.

    If you haven’t had your fill of deep fried Pennsylvania food yet, vendors I talked to say they have just the meat or the treat to curb your craving.

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