Experts explain how you can save on energy costs ahead of winter weather

Energy Cost Savings

HARRISBURG, Pa -- Winter is knocking on our doors and it's the time to make the switch to save with energy costs.

"It's a great time to look at because you are going to be in the house more," said Gladys Brown, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Gladys Brown from the PA Public Utility Commission sheds more light.

"We want to make sure people are looking at all those types things to save on energy at home," said Brown.

If your cost is too much, now is the time to make the switch. An easy process by going to Select a cheaper provider with a fixed or variable rate.

"They can compare the price of the product from one supplier to the next, with their price to compare from their local distribution company," said Brown.

There are other forms of energy options listed.

"So many people are into renewable energy and want to make sure they are receiving renewable energy, so we have those options on the website for people to choose as well," said Brown.

Even with the switch make sure you check your home for air flow.

"If you feel cold air coming in anywhere around your windows and doors you want to seal that off," said Gary Hunt, Manager at Ace, "It's very important that you seal up your gaps and cracks in your home."

Electric providers in our area say rates will be similar to last year which were cheaper to winters in the past.

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