Dozens march for three days, over thirty miles to Harrisburg to demand change


Dozens of people are braving the below freezing temperatures this weekend as they embark on a politically motivated, three day march from Lancaster to Harrisburg.

Twenty-eight people were arrested in Harrisburg following "March on Harrisburg's" last pilgrimage, spanning ten days from Philadelphia to Harrisburg.

Using only their voices and handmade signs.

The self-deemed "anti-corruption activists" are now demanding state legislators to schedule hearings and votes on a number of reform bills. Including a push to end gerrrymandering in Pennsylvania and another one seeking to place limitations on monetary or material gifts for public officials.

“Both parties accept gifts. Both parties are corrupt. Both parties, as long as they’re beholden to gifts and donors, care more about those gifts and donors than representing their constituents," said communications director Emmie DiCicco. "If we can change this, then we can change everything else.”

March on Harrisburg plans to hold rallies in the State Capitol Rotunda both Monday and Tuesday.

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