"Dog by Dog" hits the big screen in Harrisburg


"Dog by Dog" hit the big screen at the Forum Auditorium today in Harrisburg.

Parts of the documentary were shot in Central Pa.

It focuses on the puppy mill industry and the reason it continues to thrive.

Local celebrity Libre was there today for the showing.

Puppy mill protesters have rallied behind the dog in support of stricter animal abuse laws.

Instead of regulating we want to educate our way out of this problem by telling the public 'look if you adopt a dog in a pet shop the mother of that dog likely lives her entire life in a cage'

Joey DePasquale was featured in the documentary, his family dog Franklin came from an apparent puppy mill.

"It was horrible to see where he came from and see how afraid he was of everything. We first got him and he was afraid of grass, and we had to introduce him to grass and give him reaction to something he would have had with a normal life."

Proceeds from the showing of the film benefit the One Dog At A Time Rescue, the Speranza Animal Rescue and the Dog By Dog Educational Fund.

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