Dickinson professor weighs in on Trump's comments about voter fraud

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    It was one of the most talked about comments from the presidential debate on Wednesday.

    "...I will keep you in suspense..."

    David O'Connell, an American Politics professor at Dickinson College, was one of the many glued to the TV during Wednesday night's presidential debate.

    "I think that it's unusual for a candidate to say that," O'Connell said.

    O'Connell was puzzled by Donald Trump's comment, "I do think that it's unusual for a candidate to say that."

    Trump's comment comes after saying he believes this year's election is rigged, being effected by voter fraud.

    "Obviously there have been instances in history where presidential candidates have legitimate concerns about the fairness of the outcome. Richard Nixon in 1960 is a great example," said O'Connell.

    Except in that case, Nixon eventually accepted the results.

    O'Connell believes that whether or not Trump challenges the results will be dependent on how close the margin of loss is.

    "If ultimately he's not really competitive, I think it'll be hard for him - even give his personality - to convince himself that this process was rigged against himself," O'Connell said.

    Trump clarified himself on Thursday.

    "I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win."

    Trump was not the only person talking about voter fraud on Thursday.

    "Our voting systems are secured historically have seen very very minimal improper activity so little that it is statistically nonexistent,: said Pedro Cortes, the Pa. Secretary of State.

    Cortes addressed the issue during a press conference this afternoon.

    Cortes promised that all 67 election boards across the state will work hard to safeguard each and every election in Pennsylvania.

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