Deliberations continue tomorrow for man accused of shooting at police

Deliberations continue tomorrow for man accused of shooting at police

18-year-old Marquell Rentas is facing multiple charges after being accused of shooting at police with his cousin in Columbia last year.

Jury deliberations will continue tomorrow, after the jury was sent home this afternoon.

It all happened on July 29, 2016 - that's when police say Rentas and his cousin, 18-year-old Trenton Nace, fired at officers from a second story window.

The two allegedly fired more than a dozen gun shots from a high-powered rile, missing three police officers in their vehicles.

All three officers testified during the trial.

According to police, while he was being arrested, Rentas told them, "I was shooting at you."

Rentas is facing multiple counts of attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated assault of a police officer, and reckless endangerment.

We interviewed residents in the area after the shooting happened last July - this is what they had to say:

Jeff Farley, a Columbia resident, said, "Now there's going to be kids, young adults, they're going to be in jail for a long time, and that officer - the guy has two little boys and they almost lost their dad."

One resident who chose to remain anonymous said, "I'm tired of people coming out here and doing what they're doing, and hollering black lives matter. Cop lives mater. All lives matter."

In the days following, the Lancaster NAACP and Black Lives Matter 717 condemned the incident.

Kevin Ressler with Black Lives Matter 717 said, "No Black Lives Matter organization or group across the entire country has supported violence as a means to an end or shooting or attacking or targeting police officers at all."

Nace is facing charges as well, and is scheduled for trial in October.

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