Deadly use of force justified in Lebanon trooper involved shooting

trooper not charged in deadly lebanon shooting.JPG

A trooper who shot a man 7 times in December after a foot chase is not facing charges.

The Lebanon County DA saying the deadly use of force was justified.

DA David Arnold says Mitchell Hammer was shot after he tried to attack a trooper with a knife.

State troopers were attempting to arrest hammer for an aggravated assault felony.

The DA says the trooper had chased hammer into a stream bed near the Swatara Creek, cornered him while saying who he was and to stop running.

Hammer then turned on the trooper with a large knife.

The trooper then slipped in the mud and fired his gun when he say hammer coming after him.

"Mr.. Hammer kind of dropped down to his knees, he then got back up after being shot four to five times, got back up and then once again advanced towards the trooper," explained Arnold.

An autopsy found that hammer had been on crystal meth at the time of shooting.

The trooper was on administrative leave but is now back to work.

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