Dauphin County man found guilty of third car theft, police pursuit captured on dash cam

Alfred Carrera.jpg

Alfred Carrera was found guilty on Wednesday of repeat auto theft offenses, and is now facing a mandatory sentence beginning at 25 years under Pennsylvania's "Three Strikes" law, according to the District Attorney's Office.

The most recent incident occurred on November 13, 2016 when the victim was eating dinner at a Hardee's restaurant in Middletown, and Carrera came up behind and grabbed her car keys and wallet. The DA says he then ran out to the parking lot where his girlfriend, Lisa Smith, was waiting.

According to the DA, the victim managed to follow Carrera and grab open the passenger door of her vehicle and begged him not to steal it. Carrera allegedly looked at her and said, “Get the f--- out of the way b---- or I’ll shoot you.”

The victim backed away and called police while Carrera and Smith fled the restaurant with her car, the DA says.

Police did pursue them as they sped off in the victim's car, but were unable to catch them at the time.

The police pursuit was captured on dash cam video which was provided by the Penbrook Police Department.

The Dauphin County DA says the two were eventually arrested three days later.

Sentencing for Carrera is set for January 25, 2018.

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