Coroner: Still no suspect for double homicide of stepsisters

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A news conference with the coroner turned emotional in Dauphin County as authorities released more information on Thursday's double homicide of two young stepsisters.

Officials say Kaliah Dearing, 16, and Natasha Harner, 24, were shot and killed at their home on Logan Street in Harrisburg Thursday night.

There are still no suspects, and the family says that's part of why they're stuggling so much. They say someone has to know something about what happened last week.

The family of Kaliah Dearing and Natasha Harner were hopeful for answers from the news conference.

"It was important for us to be here because we want to catch who done it. It was important for us to be here because we’re all hurting. Bad," said cousin Corey Harner.

That hurt turned outward as Hetrick explained the stepsisters died of multiple traumatic injuries and gunshots, but released very little new information to avoid derailing the investigation.

"It’s just so unbelievable. It’s like it’s not even real to me," one family member told the coroner.

“I believe that. I believe that. Because when i was standing there at that scene, it didn’t seem real to me," replied Hetrick.

As the questions continued, the mother of Natasha Harner was so upset, she left.

"That sort of brings it home, doesn’t it. We’re not talking about statistics here," Hetrick.

Of course he and the family are talking about people.

"I’ve buried a lot of people in my life, a lot of close friends, but nothing like this. We’re all lost. We can’t make no sense of it ," said Harner.

The family is begging the public for help.

"They gotta' know. You were down there, you see how tight the houses are together. Somebody saw something, please come forward, please."

Police are offering a $2000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

The family has a Go Fund Me page, where they're raising money for funeral costs.

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